Sleek Home Delivery provides several different Warehouse Solutions. From the traditional P.P.S. Warehouse (Pick,Pack,Ship) to simple Cross Docking and On-Demand Warehousing, Sleek Home Delivery has an option for your small business to decrease fulfillment costs without entering into a long-term contract.

If your company is seeking additional temporary, inventory fluctuation, or peak season storage space, our On-Demand Warehousing Method is certainly the correct fit for your company.  Unlike large 3PLs and Traditional Warehouses, On-Demand Warehousing Solution allows your company to pay for the space you require, not a designated lot that may be too large or not enough space, causing you to contract a second lot.  On Demand Storage gives you the flexibility to increase warehousing space at your high inventory period or overflow, and the ability to contract space to decrease costs when it is not needed.

Is your company looking for a dock with quick turnaround with very minimal storage charges?  Take a look at our Cross-Docking Option.  Sleek Home Delivery’s Cross Dock Solution is a simplistic, economic method for products that need to be unloaded from large carriers to more suitable size trucks for deliveries.