COVID 19 Recovery Statement

Sleek Home Delivery is pleased to announce that it will resume Premier In Home Delivery beginning June 03, 2020. With the offering of Premier Service, Sleek Home Delivery have made adjustments for our crews and consumer’s safety.
Sleek Home Delivery Crews will now be wearing facial coverings and utilizing single use nitrile gloves throughout the delivery. In addition to these improved health measures, all electronic equipment (i.e. Tablets) will be sanitized before each delivery occurrence.
Sleek Fleet Vehicle’s Interior will be continually cleaned and sanitized prior to being dispatched. Sleek Home Delivery’s proactive stringent Health and Safety Policies prevent any further spread of COVID19. Instilling confidence to consumers by taking extra-ordinary action towards crew and consumer safety is a priority at Sleek Home Delivery.

Thank You,

Sleek Home Delivery