About SleekHD

Smooth and Skillful Home Delivery

Sleek Professionals use the proper equipment for the correct size item.
Sleek Professionals carefully inspect and unpack items.
Sleek Professionals utilize safe lifting techniques to ensure damage doesn’t occur.
Using Sleek HD’s Premier Service assembly of the item is included.
Sleek Professionals work as a team to ensure that items are assembled correctly and efficiently..
Once assembly is complete, Sleek Professionals do a final inspection and check for proper operation.
After final walkthrough, Sleek Professionals perform a review with the customer.
Removal of debris and packaging materials by Sleek Professionals is included with the Premier Delivery Service.

Sleek Home Delivery Service was founded by individuals who understand home delivery methods and the complexities of the industry.  Our founders recognize the inconsistencies and loopholes in home delivery standards and have elevated the level of skill, customer service, and performance associated with home delivery.  Sleek Home Delivery Professionals execute reliable top-notch service with the confidence that your product(s) will be delivered to its destination damage free. This is done through innovating technology to close the inefficiencies of the industry and employing passionate, dedicated staff members.  The Sleek Home Delivery Experience is completed smoothly and skillfully.

What We Do

Being a Premier Provider of reliable home delivery service industry requires very detailed process and attention to detail.  Whether receiving the product in one of our warehouses all the way to the product's final destination, numerous precautions are taken by Sleek Home Delivery Professionals.  Multiple inspections with photos along with documentation including use of technology for tracking /surveillance, and notifications are just a few of the differences between a common carrier and Sleek Home Delivery Services.